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Monday, September 05, 2005

Real Horsepower

From the AP via Yahoo:

Gas Prices Drive Man to Commute by Horse

MINOT, N.D. - Jim Jundt was so determined to rein in his spending on gasoline that he got out of bed early and rode his 14-year-old quarterhorse mare to work.

Jundt lives 15 miles south of Minot and works as a mechanic at Goodyear Tire & Auto Service in the city.

He said he and his co-workers had been talking about rising fuel prices, and he joked that he would ride his horse to work if gasoline ever hit $3 a gallon.

His co-workers laughed, but when the price at the pump soared to $3.20 last week, Jundt headed for the barn.

He said he was only five minutes late riding his mare, Patty, to work.

While he worked, Patty waited patiently, eating hay out of the back of a truck.


  • I know the story is mostly humorous. It's worth mentioning though that I learned an important lesson when I used to try to ride my bike whenver possible. It may saved money on gasoline, but I was burning so many calories that I was spending almost the equivalent amount if not more on food as I would have on gas.

    I still thin it's a good idea, but there's literally no such thing as a "free ride"

    By Blogger Chancelucky, at 3:58 PM  

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