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Friday, December 16, 2005

News from the Edwards Camp

First, OAC announced today Elizabeth has been named one of the Newsmakers for 2005 in People magazine. It's not online at the moment, so one has to buy the hard copy. I look forward to spending a little to see Elizabeth in it. It's exciting as Elizabeth's story of being a survior of cancer needs to be told so that many women will be encouraged to fight the cancer and get examinations.

Second, John and Elizabeth will be releasing their second bookcast sometime soon; hopefully next week.

Third, the OAC Blog will be changing format and will include tools for starting diaries and voting for the best post--what John and Elizabeth called a "blogocracy". That is a new word in my vocabulary.

And, to hear more about what else is going on in the Edwards Camp, click here to download their latest podcast. You may need Ipodder or Itunes to hear it.

What a day! And the Senate is fillibustering the Patriot Act extension. Five elephants voted with the majority; two donkeys defected. The tally: 52-47. As a librarian, this is great news because one of the hot buttons was the gag order for FBI seizures of library "patron" records. Funny as the FBI agents in frustation have called librarians "radical militants".

Ants marching..


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