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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Troy Aikman & Rayfield Wright New NFL Hall of Fame Inductees

(photo courtesy of the Dallas Morning News)

Yesterday was a proud moment for the new 6 inductees of the Hall of Fame. I was pleased to see Warren Moon and John Madden get in, along with Harry Carson and Reggie Wright.

But for this Dallas Cowboy fan, it was gratifying to see Troy Aikman and Rayfield Wright be inducted. I remember Rayfield Wright when I was growing up in Lubbock. Every Sunday in the autumn was sacred. I recall going to church and when the Cowboys were going to play at Noon, the minister made certain that his sermon was a little shorter so that we could get home on time to watch the kickoff and Tom Landry quietly watching what his team would do. Rayfield Wright played right tackle for quarterback greats such as Roger Staubach and Danny White. After many grueling losses to Pittsburgh during the 1970's, Wright finally got his first Super Bowl ring in 1978, then retired in 1979.

Troy Aikman was the great Cowboy quarterback of the 90's. I lived in the Boston area when the team had back to back wins, and he was voted MVP of one of them. They won a third championship against Pittsburgh, albeit, I didn't consider it their greatest victory as there were some questionable calls. But Troy had grace through it all, and I was proud he was not a braggart, unlike some of his teammates, who ended up in jail.

I think Wright summed it up well when he said (as quoted by the NYT today), "Some say that patience is a virtue,” said Wright, who played all 13 of his seasons with the Cowboys. “After 22 years of eligibility, God knows that I’m not a saint, but I am a Dallas Cowboy. I’m privileged to be in such a stellar class.”

You're right on, Rayfield. Congrats to you and Troy.

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