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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Newspapers and Citizens Support Elizabeth Edwards

(pic courtesy of USA Today)

This week, more news and opinions have been brought out and center about the Edwards' decision to stay in the race for the duration. A USA Today poll indicated that 2-1 Americans support Elizabeth Edwards in her decision to continue help her spouse in his candidacy.

The Pilot, a NC regional news hub, presented a story about how Robbins' citizens believe Elizabeth is doing the right thing to "keep living."

But the Sun-Sentinel in Florida's Editorial Board lauded the Edwards couple in this opinion:

Role Models

Prayers, and more, for Elizabeth Edwards

The nation sends it prayers to Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential candidate John Edwards. It should also send its thanks.

Thanks for showing that you can try to go on living despite a sobering medical diagnosis. Thanks for handling with class all of those who are questioning and over-analyzing and second-guessing John Edwards' decision to stay in the race.

And thanks for being a living, breathing reminder to women of the importance of regular check-ups.

This is one strong family. They have dealt with the loss of a teenage son, and Elizabeth's previous cancer diagnosis prior to the 2004 election.

This will be their biggest challenge of all. So far, they have handled it with grace and courage.


To the President's Press Secretary, Tony Snow, and to his family, I join the Edwards family in sending good wishes and prayers in his fight of cancer as well.

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