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Sunday, March 30, 2008

John Edwards Continues to Keep His Own Counsel

(photo credit, Sara Davis/AP)

Yesterday, JRE spoke at the NC Young Dems conference and focused on issues such as getting out of Iraq and the right to organize in NC. Although the conference was about state races, both of the remaining candidates sent surrogates to speak at the conference. I know James Carville was a lunch time speaker and I believe Chelsea Clinton was a speaker too. Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ spoke as a supporter for Obama. And I wouldn't doubt if they continued to lobby JRE for an endorsement.

Edwards, ever gracious when reporters came to the event to get his thoughts about the two candidates, " pointed out the historical nature of both of their campaigns and said both were better suited in carrying forward his campaign platform than Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain." He went on to say:

"We are blessed, first, to have an extraordinarily talented African-American who could be the next president of the United States," Mr. Edwards said. "There's no way to contest the fact that he has inspired this country."

"And Senator Clinton, who has served America for so long and so well, and has shown so much strength and leadership, has really forged an extraordinarily historic campaign as a woman for the nomination and for the presidency."

Of course he was asked if he would endorse either one before May 6th, and I liked his answer, according to this AP report (and found in the Toledo Blade):

"When I have something to say, I'll let you know," he said.
Video here, courtesy of CNN.

Apparently, Al Gore is also keeping mum about his thoughts.

I would take this comment in the New York Magazine about Elizabeth's feelings towards Mrs. Clinton during the campaign with a grain of salt, but otherwise, the article has some merits. Bear in mind it is an opinion piece, not a report.

Speaking of Elizabeth, the LA Times reported that she blasted John McCain's health care plan at the annual meeting of Association of Health Care Journalists. She remarked, "Neither of us would be covered in his plan." McCain has had melanoma and Elizabeth has breast cancer. She said that his plan does not cover pre-existing conditions. Another criticism lobbed at McCain's plan had to do with insurance plans being sold across state lines. While in theory this sounds good in giving more consumer choices, Elizabeth pointed out the flaws this way:

"..the plan would allow insurers to move their headquarters to states in which consumer protection laws are weak. Giving an example to back up her claim, Edwards noted that many credit card companies are based in Delaware, where the state's laws are more accommodating to corporate interests, she said.

"Hard-fought state-by-state protections would be lost," Edwards said. "They mask this proposal as a cost-saving technique. This is giving insurance companies a pass.

As usual, Elizabeth is good at digging out the details. Here's a YT clip from her speech:

(h/t Iddybud)

Elizabeth thought Clinton's health care plan was more universal than Obama's as Clinton's plan was similar to her husband's, but that was not an endorsement by any means. As mentioned earlier, she is staying quiet about them, but like her spouse, focuses on issues.

I feel sorry for Edwards Democrats in NC and other primaries. I got to vote for him and they don't. They are stuck with the other candidates.

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  • Thanks for the report Benny. It is good to see Edwards still speaking out on the issues and not getting in the middle of the mudfest.

    I love his clarity about what is really important for people.

    By Blogger ReneA, at 9:17 AM  

  • Thank you for doing this blog--I was so thrilled to see it after searching for months for John Edwards news. There is nothing I want to know about the Democratic "front-runners" who in my opinion stole this race from Edwards who was our strongest candidate. Go Edwards!

    By Blogger lauren, at 8:01 AM  

  • Thanks Renea and Lauren, and along with Southern Hope, you will get the latest Edwards news. Both she and I keep up with it, thanks to our searching and sharing with other JRE supporters.

    By Blogger benny06, at 8:53 AM  

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