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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards Inspires New Generation of Tar Heels

Elizabeth was a guest lecturer at an event earlier this week at UNC. It was about "speaking up." (photo courtesy of Sam Ward at the Daily Tar Heel)

At a campus known for its public service initiatives, Elizabeth Edwards emphasized the importance of reaching beyond academics, sharing stories of her time at UNC during the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement.

"I wanted to do something, not throw a rock or burn a flag, but something that would make a difference," she said.

No, she didn't say much about her husband, but she did say not "to be disillusioned" if their favorite candidate wasn't the nominee.

Many students at the event said they felt inspired by her speech.

"I think it's just the ideas she has and how she puts them forward that intrigues me and so many others," sophomore Kaylyn Siporin said.

Good for them and for Elizabeth. She inspires me too. Click here to read the entire article from the Daily Tar Heel.

(h/t Oklahoma Voter at EENRb)

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