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Friday, September 26, 2008

WH Deserves a Bum Steer Award

Look at the below chart I swiped from Ezra Klein today. As citizens, taxpayers, or voters (the latter doesn't matter as much to the GOP) our country doesn't look so good after seven 4 more years of Bush and essentially, McCain economic policy. Granted, it's not quite the mess that Nixon and Ford left to Carter to fix, but it's still pretty awful.

McPalin was so bent in helping Main Street this week, even to suspend his campaign. Bush asked the bi-partisans to be our captains shepherds of Wall Street flock to lead the good sheep to greener pastures. And so they are trying, with visions of $700B in their arses.

Meantime, there are others in the bleeding heartland, but the White House's Office of Budget Management believes this is too much to help the foreclosed and unemployed Average Joe because it costs too much money.

Wow, what a revelation!

A 2nd stimulus package is proposed by the Dems and perhaps in the moment of the perception Dems caving in, the WH suddenly has gone back to regular programming after "McCain Faux Populist Interruptus".

From Think Progress:

Today, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a statement of administrative policy today recommending Bush veto a proposed second stimulus package. The $56.2 billion package, announced yesterday, would extend unemployment benefits for seven weeks, increase food stamp benefits by 10 percent, and provide $50 million for food banks, among other proposals. This afternoon, Senate conservatives successfully blocked the bill, as the motion to proceed won 52 votes, eight shy of the necessary 60.

In the press briefing today, just an hour before the Senate vote, Dana Perino said the White House opposed the measure, specifically citing its extension of unemployment and food stamp benefits as explanation:

PERINO: There’s some elements of the package that have been put forward by Democrats that we do not think would be stimulative to the economy, such as unemployment insurance. The food stamps, we believe we have met the need.

Doesn't any of the Fush ilk observe that perhaps if folks had an extension on unemployment benefits, they may be able to look for jobs longer and pay a bit back on mortgages. No. To quote a non-reality character, " Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" once the Dems signaled they could cave compromise with a bunch of partisans who don't give a damn about the rest of us but their campaign perks and coffers.

Food stamps are enough, if you do or don't qualify...right.

I don't get the connections. Or maybe I do.

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