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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Tax Calculator

Obama has a tax calculator on his site. The site is It's designed to make it simple and of course, it doesn't take in account the current
IRS code, but we also don't know what it will be. The calculator could be a help or a harm, depending on your income level, and doesn't consider all of the deductions.

But it's for Main Streeters who don't have many assets or income to report. And that makes sense. Only I wish Obama would order the IRS (through various means, including the Ways and Means committee) to simplify filings for more than just the 1040EZ. John Edwards called it tax filing reform. Now that I look at it closer, looks like Obama maybe channeling JRE a bit. Good thing!

Many of us aren't qualified for 1040EZ as we own homes, but we don't want every friggin' book to try to figure out the hours we spend on filing our taxes either. I think the feds ought to provide Turbo Tax (or something better if it is out there) at every public library--at least 6 copies or one copy for every machine-for free. The only thing is that the public library would want some IRS expects to help out, since the staff would be overwhelmed in trying to help people, but it would be a value added service.

(h/t to Desmoinesdem at Bleeding Heartland)

As an aside, I came home to two yard signs: Obama/Biden and Margaret Wright, a local running for the Champaign County Board. How cool is that? Go Margaret!

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