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Monday, December 29, 2008


Not certain what is more embarrassing?

1) Pokes losing in Philadelphia yesterday, 44-6 and thus not getting to the playoffs, let alone they were expected early on to go to the Super Bowl
2) Barack Obama's selection of a homophobic preacher to give the invocation to his inaugural
3) John Edwards' denial of an affair from 2006, then having to admit it and now being called a loser (although it was OK for John McCain's spouse and he both to have affairs)
4) Laura Bush getting on national TV (well, Fixed Noise that is) and sounding a lot more presidential than her spouse
5) John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as a running mate

This diary by Daniel Kurtzman at brings it altogether.

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  • Hi, I bet you miss Barry don't ya? I know I do.

    By Blogger oklahomagirl, at 1:52 PM  

  • John McCain was always questionable. John Edwards was suppose to be better and trustworthy. If he is still involved with what's her name, he needs to shut her up. It's cruel the way she keeps popping up in the Enquirer telling everyone she and JE are going to be together when EE dies. The least he could do is shut her up. If he is still seeing her and allows this he's just as cruel as she is. You know she does this for money. She does everything immoral and cruel she does for money.

    By Blogger oklahomagirl, at 1:57 PM  

  • I agree that Ms. Hunter has little regard for Elizabeth and is doing this for attention and money. I wonder about the paternity of the child. The NE hasn't produced any evidence, despite claiming to have Francis' DNA.

    By Blogger benny06, at 7:40 AM  

  • I was at the bookstore today and reread the postscript in EE's book. The one she wrote ater her CA returned. I have a hard time believing that the woman who wrote that PS knew about JE's affair. She did make a comment about getting videos from a kid who worked for her brother and how she enjoyed them. She also made a point to mention that videos had been tried before but that it took too long to get the film from the camera to the website. She may have taken a shot at RH but it's hard to know.

    She was still talking about how connected she and John were even though they had been through "hard times". And about how he proposed to her in the hospital and wanted to renew their vows on their anniversay. She may have known but believed it was over and didn't find out he was still seeing RH until he got caught in LA. Now she may doubt the paternatiy of the baby. Since he may have lied to her again.

    It would only take a PI and a trash can to prove paternity. Anything you get out of the trash isn't considered private. It would be easy enough. Maybe no one cares.

    EE probably doesn't have the energy or time to waste, but I wish she would sue RH for allenation of affection. If she won a multi-million dollar award at least she or her kids could keep RH from making more money on her family.(Book or movie) They could dog RH the way the Goldman's and Brown's go after OJ. That would be KARMA.

    If JE isn't the baby's father he needs to go to court and demand a paternity test to stop this woman's 15 minitues of fame. A lawyer friend of mine told me it can be done, particularly since she has apparently told others he is the father. If he is, he needs to find the nads to admit it and shut RH up. If he is and RH is being this cruel to EE and his kids and he can't shut her up, why would he still want her? Go to court and get custody. This woman uses this child to extort money. Maybe he isn't a good person anymore. Maybe he can't find his way back after being infected by that woman. Speaking of infection, I hope he's been tested for STD's. Just to be safe you know.

    By Blogger oklahomagirl, at 1:58 PM  

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