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Monday, January 19, 2009

John Edwards' Civic Duties

From the snippets of news from the Triangle area, one sees that JRE and Elizabeth are getting out more in public, but selectively.

From the Herald-Sun:

It seems former presidential candidate John Edwards was called for jury duty last week in Orange County Court in Hillsborough, and the attorneys began questioning him to determine whether to seat him on the jury for an armed robbery case.

There are certain questions the judge asks each potential juror, including "What do you do for a living?"

Edwards replied: "I applied for a job, but I didn't get it."

Both the defense and prosecuting attorneys decided he would make a good juror, and they selected him for the jury panel.

After about a day of testimony, the defense attorney and prosecutor worked out a deal, and the defendant pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, thus ending the trial.

After the jury was dismissed, Edwards stuck around for a while talking to the attorneys about the case.

Nice to see JRE out and about, doing his civic duty...and his sense of humor is quite intact.

Elizabeth was in Florida yesterday and spoke about health care. If I can find a little better report of the speech, I'll post it here. Meantime, here's one for starters from the Palm Beach Daily News.

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