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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Dear Senator Obama

I would like to complement you on standing with the other Democrats about preserving the filibuster. Your colleague Sen Durbin tried to reach across the aisle by offering other nominees to be voted on first. But it's clear from Senator McConnell that the Majority Leader gets to select the order.

Senator, I believe the Dems have done everything you can do on this issue. But I have thought a lot about it since I read in the NYT today some polls show that most citizens, including those in our state, are apathetic. In order to preserve the filibuster, I encourage you to switch strategy and give the judges an opportunity to be voted on. Please vote NO on all of them.

The Dems will need the filibuster tool when it comes legislation, such as social security, stem cell research, or perhaps other matters with the war. Thus, if you do what they ask on these court appointees (who possess some of the worst ruling records, I know) I think the Dems will surprise the other side, and perhaps other things that need to get done with compromise can occur.

I think you and Senator Durbin will need to reserve political capital for next year in helping other Dems out to get elected (or re-elected). The Democrats know that 55 million folks have not forgotten they have a voice too, despite what the Republicans believe. Good luck and thanks for your hard work.


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