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Sunday, June 05, 2005

From Toronto: Globalization Next Door

JRE's last post on TPMCafe was about Globalization. You can click the link to read it.

Here was my response:

The past couple of days I have been in Toronto, and I'm posting a comment in the East Asian section of town in a Net Cafe. Most of the folks are using the Net are diverse in backgrounds. Granted this is Toronto, but they embrace more aspects of multiculturalism.

I have been asked for money only once. I've seen maybe 5 homeless people tops, although I'm staying in the financial district. I take the subway, and I'm not afraid, even at night. Still, when I've been in NYC, there are more homeless everywhere and folks are force in seeking a handout because our government is admant in not providing a hand-up. I'm convinced that part of it is our poor coverage of health insurance.

I know the Europeans do a pretty good job with health insurance coverage, which is a good thing since unemployment rates are a bit higher there. Also, I would argue that our employment rates appear lower because many folks quit looking for work after a certain point.

Back to Canada, I learned from a Canadian business/labor librarian that awhile back the Globe & Mail did a poll about who Canadians admired the most. My spouse thought it was Wayne Greztky (sorry, not certain how to spell his last name); instead it was Tony Douglas, the man who institutionalized National Health Insurance.

I think many Americans admired FDR for Social Security. We need more progressives in our government who have forward-thinking approaches as Tony Douglas, to make a mark and work on eradicating poverty. JRE, I'm glad you are one of those men. But I would argue has to done with care and in increments.

Toronto is a great place to visit! Back to the SLA conference!


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