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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Not so happy Jack

A Busy Day in the Life of Spiders

This morning, I saw on the news that the Brits had been terrorized. I haven't had a chance to absorb it as all day I was busy as a spider. Spinning around and around at work--going through lots of process. Luckily, I don't bite, but I feel like I have to retrace, follow-up, retrace, follow-up...

But there are bad spiders. Terrorists are like brown recluse spiders with overt white violin shapes on their bodies; they spin their nasty webs and their bite is poisonous and fatal in some instances. They can fade into the background because of their color, and sometimes, they are not easy to swat or catch.

The large brown recluses invaded London (not trying to be prejudiced since we do not know if it is truly Al-Queida or some other terriorist group). They planted bombs in heavily trafficked areas, killing many and wounding hundreds more. They killed their own people. They are showing bravado, but in reality, they are frustrated cowards.

My heart goes out to the English today. They are displaying amazing grace. May they be able to get through their crises and find strength. May their be able to find the terriorists in seeking justice and peace. May they not have to deal with brown spiders, but ones that catch the real bugs and keep nature in balance.


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