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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Godspeed, Cindy, to you & Your Mom

Yahoo! reports that Cindy Sheehan had to leave Camp Casey to be with her ailing mom, who had a stroke today. Godspeed to you Cindy the Peace Mom while you take care of your mother. Here's a flower for you both.

From Crawfordupdate blog:

We got word a few hours ago that Cindy's mother had a stroke. We dont' know how serious the stroke is and cannot tell you whether she is in stable condition or not. Cindy and her sister left a hour ago to take a plane to LA from Waco. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her immediate family.

We are still here. Over 300 people are on the grounds right now. Over 200 mothers are marching right now. Its Thursday. We will have thousands here by Saturday. We need your help in sending this message to President Bush: Get out sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, neighbors and schoolteachers, husbands and wives out of Iraq.

This stand will continue. The Iraq Veterans Against the War are still here. The Veterans for Peace are still here. Military Families Speak Out are all still here. Goldstar Families, founded by Cindy and her sister, are still here. And you're still here. Come to Crawford. Stand with us

UPDATE from Cindy Sheehan and the CrawfordUpdate blog:

Cindy wanted to pass this message on to her supporters, both here in Camp Casey and and around the world:

"I'm going to take care of my mother right now, but I hope to be back before the end of August. Meanwhile, keep the camp together, and keep your spirits high. I may have started this camp out, but I'm counting on you to continue the movement. The call to end the war must be made by everyone!"

Cindy, we're thinking of you and praying for your mother's health. Do what you need to do and we'll see you soon! We'll move our camp early tomorrow morning before the Interfaith service at noon, and we're really looking forward to having more space and security (and being closer to Bush's ranch ;) The camp will be even bigger and better by the time you return to us.

UPDATE: Amy Goodman Interviews Cindy (posted August 19, 2005)

AMY GOODMAN: This is Cindy Sheehan, the woman who began it all here just a few weeks ago when she left a Veterans for Peace annual meeting in Dallas and headed to President Bush's ranch, asking if he would simply have a meeting with her. I asked her yesterday at the airport how her mother was.

CINDY SHEEHAN: It’s too early to tell. She was still in the emergency room when we left, so we didn't get any messages from my brother, who is there with her right now. So, hopefully, the status hasn't changed since we last talked to him.

AMY GOODMAN: What do you think it means for you to leave Crawford, for you to leave the ranch where President Bush is vacationing?

CINDY SHEEHAN: Well, it's kind of ironic, because this morning I gave two interviews, one to Air America and one to “Nightline” early this morning. And I said, you know what, this Camp Casey movement is bigger than me. It's growing. It's bigger than any of us. And even if I had to leave today, it would keep on going. And if we leave August 31 without the President speaking to us, it's going to keep on. It's growing. It's organic. It's here, and nothing is going to stop it. And just because I’m gone, things will just carry on as normal. I want to get back as soon as possible, because I did say I would stay there until President Bush spoke with me until he left on August 31. I hope if he comes out and speaks to the other moms that they give him hell, though.

Read the rest at Democracy Now.


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