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Saturday, August 13, 2005

One Bush Supporter Reaches Out to"Talk to Cindy"

Cindy Sheehan offered to meet with a pro-bush parent who lost a child in the war. Only one person took up her invitation--and it was done with a hug--Gary Qualls of Temple. His son's name is on the cross in the above picture.

Other newsworthy items at Camp Casey
From AP via Yahoo!:

Pro-Bush and anti-Iraq war demonstrators square off in Texas

CRAWFORD, United States (AFP) - Hundreds of demonstrators against the war in Iraq squared of with others rallying in support of President George W. Bush, outside Bush's vacation home.

Protestors seeking a US withdrawal from Iraq gathered near Bush's ranch for a rally and were met, in this tiny town of 750, by a group of Bush supporters.

The squaring off stirred up Crawford, usually sweltering quietly in August heat. About 1,000 people swarmed into town and police came out in force.

The antiwar protest was launched a week ago by Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a US soldier killed in Iraq in April 2004. She decided to camp outside Bush's ranch until he meets with her, and to demand a withdrawal of the 138,000 US troops.

Asked Saturday about the presence of Bush supporters opposite the anti-war protestors, Sheehan said "I don't want to argue with them. This is their right as Americans to do what they do, and we realize that."

Thomas Zapp, the father of another soldier killed in Iraq in November 2004, came to rally for Bush and "talk to Cindy."

"She expresses her opinion and I want to express mine to her. She has no right to call Bush a murderer and to compare him to Saddam Hussein," he said.

Some 1,840 US troops have been killed in Iraq since the war began in March 2003

Another AP Story, courtesy of WINK TV:

CRAWFORD, Texas Protesters on both sides of the Iraq war faced off again today across the road leading to President Bush's ranch.

At the center of it all is Cindy Sheehan -- the mother of a young soldier killed in Iraq last year. Her vigil aimed at getting a private meeting with Bush is now in its second week.

The first to gather today were some 250 counter-demonstrators who support Bush and the war effort. They stood for a few hours with signs across from the campsite where Sheehan and her supporters are staying.

Later -- after all but a dozen of the counter-demonstrators had left -- an anti-war rally of over 350 people gathered.

There were no arrests. Sheriff's deputies and Secret Service agents kept the groups on opposite sides of the road.

Update: The ad Cindy did was featured on Faux News Sunday; MTP also talks about the grieving mom who has put a real face on securing support for our troops and the advocacy for peace.


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