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Saturday, August 20, 2005

'He's a good rider' W Says about Lance

From Sports Illustrated:

President, Armstrong take spin on 'Tour de Crawford'
Posted: Saturday August 20, 2005 5:24PM

WACO, Texas (AP) -- It's no yellow jersey, but President Bush on Saturday presented Lance Armstrong with another shirt to show for his biking experiences -- a red, white and blue T-shirt emblazoned "Tour de Crawford."

The leader of the free world and the world's biking master rode for 17 miles on Bush's ranch for about two hours at midmorning. Bush showed Armstrong the sites of the ranch that he calls "a little slice of heaven," including a stop at a waterfall midway through the ride.

They were accompanied by a small group of staff and Secret Service agents and a film crew from the Discovery Channel, Armstrong's sponsor, which had exclusive media access for the ride. Footage was shot for a program on Armstrong, who has won a record seven straight Tour de France titles, to air next week.

Neither Bush nor Armstrong spoke to reporters, although White House spokesman Trent Duffy said the president was impressed with the champ's skills.

"Recognizing what the world has known for years, the president said, 'He's a good rider,"' Duffy said.


Duh, Mr. President. That's the best complement about the 7-time champion of the Tour De France? I realize he's teasing Lance (in a Texan way0 but he could have been a little more effusive.

DU'ers are upset with Lance for taking W's invitation, especially with Camp Casey close by. I disagree with those who are upset with Lance. I think when you are are world reknown cycling champion and the President (even if he espouses policies you disagree with) extends a personal invitation to you to ride with him, you should. But this event doesn't excuse or shield the President from avoiding Cindy Sheehan either.


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