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Sunday, June 18, 2006

JRE Buzz(5)

OK, I have more new buzz to offer, including JRE's upcoming events.

John Edwards. Former U.S. senator, VP candidate. World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. Union League of Phila., 140 S Broad St; lunch & program $55; reservations required; 215-561-4700;; news credit: today's Philadelphia Inquirer.

11:15 a.m. Fri.

Breakfast Keynote Speaker at the NOBEL Conference, Portland, OR on June 30 (then off to Gnomedex)

JRE to speak in Bismarck on August 9 at their convention. "State party director Jim Fuglie says Edwards is popular with North Dakota Democrats -- and they're excited that he's making a stop in the state." Another story has surfaced in the Grand Forks news.

Update, June 19th: Love this headline...Will the Next President Be a Podcaster?
Read at Podcasting News.

Marc's Voice has some musings about what he would like to ask JRE at Gnomedex.

The Hotline continues to be in the river of Egypt (denial) about JRE in Iowa, instead touting Hillary. I wrote them and told them to start reporting facts and not fabricating them. Read the blogs. The 5th Estate continues to tell the truth. Update: they wrote me to say that potential staff is what they meant in their post, in terms of who can whip up campaign staff, and that their post was to complement JRE. You read it and tell me if you understood that context.

Chris Bowers believes that Edwards is a strong 2008 contender. Check out his post on My DD, Not Down to Three Just Yet.

Blue Girl, Red State is as glad as I am that Hillary is not the heir apparent. I loved her last paragragh:"We need a leader who will tell us hard truths, and not give us our way for whining. John Edwards just might be the guy to tell us to stop sniveling and get our asses to work."

A marketing blog called ClickZ gives acknowledgement to Edwards and OAC. TO from OAC is quoted. I thought it was interesting that author Kate Kaye termed the OAC "an anti-poverty organization". I guess it is.

Debunking JRE

Update, June 20th: CNN Poll ; most against Jeb Bush and Hillary, but no mention of JRE or Warner (in either vote for or vote against). Some other blogs have taken note too the absence of JRE's name. Me thinks the poll was conducted about more prominent, possibly polarizing figures, thus it's just as well.

Stuf I didn't notice until today: New Media Musings
Comment: "Gnomedex, now sold out, has a first-rate keynote speaker: former Sen. John Edwards, who should have been the Democratic nominee for president two years ago."

Yeah, well, VP would have been good too.

More buzz l8tr..

See JRE Buzz(4)


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