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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This and That

Sen. Chris Dodd of CT is running. And he's going to hang out in Iowa on Thursday. How exciting it is to have another NE politician who thinks s/he can win because most of the Dems are concentrated there.

Convincing Iowans will be very different. Perhaps he can will add to their issues debate and see where they think Dodd really stands. If Dodd is even a little bit disingenous, as some Iowans I have talked to think about Hilary, he's got Sisyphus' battles ahead of him.

Meantime, it's been rumored at Capitol Fax Mike Madigan, Speaker of the Illinois House of Reps, is trying to help Sen. Barak Obama along by attempting to move up the primary from the 3rd Tuesday in March to Feb 5. The Illinois State Board of Elections is where...Chicago. But he will have to convince Dems at the DNC Feb 1-3 meeting this can be done, considering it's been set in stone for some time where the first primaries and caucuses would be and when.

Well, sure it would help Obama in that the 3rd Tuesday is generally spring break and might help GOTV, especially in Chi-Town. But it might help other candidates too, such John Edwards, to get the young voter's attention. Edwards has the most techie organization for this race...and I think he can find ground booters too, especially some of us in downstate Illinois.

Meantime, you can catch JRE on Larry King Live tonight, and on Jay Leno too. It will be fun to see JRE's reaction to John McCain's doctrine on LKL.

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