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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Elizabeth: Unscripted

This nice blog post is by Jane Genova. I've seen her blog more than once, but this is the second time I think she has brought up Elizabeth Edwards. Sounds like Elizabeth had seen her stuff too.

I tell my clients: If you have a script, even if you don't deliver your talk from it, it will show. Some of them are old-line executives. Those still want a polished script not simply a briefing folder of background research and a detailed point outline (annotated bullets). You know the rest: They sound scripted and that's a credibility and ability-to-connect killer.

Given my background in the scripted versus non-scripted space, I have some observations to make about Elizabeth Edwards, whom I perceive as The (Totally) Unscripted.

Read the rest here.

(photo credit: L. Beyerstein, courtesy of Flickr)


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