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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Howard Dean Speaks Out

This rocks along with Jim Webb's proposal, as Edwards supported yesterday:

"The threat of a nuclear Iran is one of the greatest threats to world peace today, but we must deal with this threat by being smart. It's impossible to trust President Bush to do that - his reckless Iraq policy has created a chaotic situation in Iraq and damaged America 's moral standing in the world.

"Congress has the power to stop this President from taking our country down another disastrous course in Iran , and they should use it now. President Bush long ago exceeded his authority in Iraq and needs to return to Congress for new authority to manage the withdrawal of the U.S. military presence.

"He certainly has not been granted Congressional authority to pursue military action in Iran and Congress should put him on notice that he must request authorization before doing so.

"I applaud Senator Webb for standing up to President Bush and introducing a bill that sets a clear standard and reflects the will of the American people.

"No President should ever take any option off the table, but instead of focusing on military action, we should focus on the many steps in front of us that have not been used -- negotiating directly with Iran, getting our European allies to join us in offering an economic package to assist Iran in meeting its energy needs peacefully, and isolating Iran's radical leader.

"America used to be the light that the rest of the world looked up to in times of crisis. We must stop this stubborn pursuit of foreign policy based on ideology, and return America to its place of moral leadership."

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