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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tools Deserve Sisyphus' Fate for Bashing Gays

As BW readers have seen every where, including the Media Matters sidebar on this site, the Coultergeist has a potty mouth of her own.

But instead of apologizing, and in which GOP pols even had to say her comments about gays was wrong, the NYT printed an article that read (albeit I'm not crazy about the reporter, but it's better than no article at all):

Ms. Coulter, asked for a reaction to the Republican criticism, said in an e-mail message: “C’mon, it was a joke. I would never insult gays by suggesting that they are like John Edwards. That would be mean.”

On her site, in which she calls herself, Chairman Ann (whatever that means, chairman of her chair I guess), her comment is, " I'm so ashamed, I cannot stop laughing."

Meantime, John Edwards issued the following statement this afternoon:

Ann Coulter's use of an anti-gay slur yesterday was un-American and indefensible. In America, we strive for equality and embrace diversity. The kind of hateful language she used has no place in political debate or our society at large.

I believe it is our moral responsibility to speak out against that kind of bigotry and prejudice every time we encounter it.

Elizabeth Edwards said it best, and perhaps it is because she has been the target of hate herself in the last campaign, with these words:

When Miss Coulter spoke about John at the conservative convention in Washington yesterday, she used a word that she intended as a nasty and derogatory suggestion. John and I have long ago shrugged off the vile words of this person. When she made a joke about the exact moment of death of Charlie Dean (Howard's brother and a schoolmate of mine), and when she attacked the courageous 9-11 widows, she told you all you need to know about what she is made of: her compassion -- or lack thereof. Now we need to find out about you.

Although her words did not hurt us, they may have hurt some in the gay community. We are all sick and tired of anyone supporting or applauding or introducing hate words into the national dialogue, tired of people thinking that words that cause others pain are fair game. And we are sick and tired of people like Miss Coulter thinking that her use of loaded words about the homosexual community in this country is remotely humorous or appropriate.

John gave a graduation speech at NC State several years ago, and in it he said that none of us can stand by when words of bigotry and division are used. It is only when the rest of us stand up and say that this is not acceptable that we drum out the hate-mongers from amongst us. The first reaction in the room at the conservative convention yesterday was a gasp -- a horrified gasp, even -- but it did not last. In a few seconds, those who were not horrified started clapping and drowned out the gasps.

Now it is our turn to drown out the hate. Find a way -- whether it is contribution here that sends a message to Miss Coulter and those who applauded her (which, of course, I prefer) or whether it is a statement on this blog or others or all of the above -- but please find a way not to sit silent in acceptance. It doesn't change until we say we will not be silent when this happens. betrayal.

I hope John Edwards includes this incident in his speech tomorrow at Berkeley in commemorating the march at Selma and civil rights.

Family Values pic of GOP candidate Mitt, Romney, and his Ann supporters (his wife and Coulter) at CPAC yesterday

(photo at CPAC courtesy of Talking Points Memo)

It was said in mythology that King Sisyphus was punished by Zeus for his hubris. So should Coulter (who is the Queen of the Mean Kingdom), the GOP, MSM, and anyone who is silent in not denouncing hate talk against gays, and for foul comments about John Edwards.

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