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Monday, February 19, 2007

Benny's World Linkages: Introducing New Blogs & Familiar Ones

BW readers may note I've added some new sites to my blogroll. Here they are and my comments.

Ezra Klein's blog is a good one. He's pretty fair about questioning any Dem (or Repub) on their ideas or issues. I also like his weekend volunteers there and on TAPPED. I have been getting to know a couple of them now personally via e-mails I send them. I met Ezra in Iowa when Edwards announced his candidacy on December 28th to the MSM. I was impressed how someone of his youth (sorry Ezra, you are like JRE, you are youthful looking, and it's because you are, with idealism, I think, with a mix of pragmatism) has already been on C-SPAN a couple of times and is a rising star as a pundit.

Aldon Hynes is the blog master of Orient Lodge. Hynes' posts appeal to me as Chancelucky's do because he finds 2 x 2 are 4 and 4 x 4 are 16. Hynes looks for patterns of ideas coming together, and finds them on a variety of topics. He also finds good articles to post to Newstrust, something I'm still trying to give better critiques of news articles, as opposed to Digg, which is more on what's popular, and generally more techie. Yes, in case you want to know, Hynes has been a technical consultant on the Dean and Lamont blogs, and he supports Edwards. He gets paid as a professional blogger (and rightfully so, he has a few blogads, and other gigs going, I am surmising) and I say, more power to him as he does a great job, whereas I am still learning so much from what he writes and does.

I hope Hynes reads Chancelucky's blog, as Iddybud does.

In a recent e-mail, I mentioned to Hynes that Chancelucky writes superb reviews in the world of entertainment, and still manages to find the socio-political linkages that I appreciate when I've missed them.

All of these places provide linkages to the patterns. They write from intuition, but are good at providing details to support their posts.

A great renaissance of diary writing--all on the Net.

And sometimes, not. I misspell or mistype constantly.

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  • Benny, thanks for your very kind words about my blog. You were actually one of the very first people whom I didn't know already to visit my blog on a regular basis back when I was writing about Cindy Sheehan.

    One of the odd things to me is that like Al Gore, Cindy Sheehan (like her or not) turned out to be right, but the right wing media spent so much energy villifying her that she gets dismissed these days as a crackpot.

    Now everyone is asking the President, why are we there and where are we going with this as if the question came out of thin air.

    I have a feeling Edwards is going to surprise people come the caucuses and people may not remember that it was because he understood the net grassroots better. I tend to ignore that whole fake scandal thing. It was more a sign that the right knew something was happening there that had real legs.

    By Blogger Chancelucky, at 1:25 PM  

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