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Saturday, May 26, 2007

John Edwards in 5 Iowa Town Halls Talking About Our Veterans

John Edwards talks about supporting our troops and veterans, especially as they come back from Iraq in town halls in Iowa this weekend. "We have a sacred contract with the men and women who put on a uniform." Also mentioned that our country has responsibility towards taking care of their families, by implementing better pay, health care, or even student loan suspensions to those students who are serving directly in combat or getting combat training, better body armor, etc (the latter added by this blogger, but he probably thought it). Edwards says one in three coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from serious stress disorders and head injuries.

I got my t-shirt today that reads, Support the Troops (on the front), End the War (on the back).

Update: Edwards campaign staff pack several care packages to send to the troops. Here's the clip.

I like the way it ends. Support the troops, honor the fallen.

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