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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Benny's World on McLaughin Group: Update

As I reported earlier this week, the McLaughlin Group had a special show on the rise of political blogs and how they are impacting traditional media. The lead off clip was of Markos at the Yearly Kos. There were several clips of the conference, but footage of one blogger's blog actually was shown twice: Benny's World . The first clip is about 1:38 into the show and the second one is at 2:22.

Here's the link to the video as I was not actually interviewed. However, the point was made that corporate media has competition. Daily Kos, Oliver Willis, and Taylor Marsh's blogs are better examples, but it was gratifying to see a less trafficked blog by a progressive get some air time on a prominent political analysis show.

People-powered democracy for a change. If I can find someone to load it on YT, I'll post that as well.

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