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Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Blog Spotlight: Chancelucky

BW Readers,

I have decided to share some news with you. On Monday I was diagnosed with cubital tunnel syndrome, which means my pinky and ringer finger tingle a lot on my left hand and arm, and they are losing sensation. I've kind of known what my problem was for 2 months, but unfortunately, there aren't many specialists in this area within my HMO, so the appointment queue was long. Next week I start the process getting OT to determine what kind of splint to get, then PT for my shoulder since this form of CTS has crawled into my shoulder. I welcome it as I was hit from behind on Tuesday, and my old whiplash (another story) resurfaced, and my left clavicle is also sore. Thus typing is becoming uncomfortable for me.

Enough about my typing woes and the causes of them. In the spirit of the Edwards family, which tries to make lemonade when given lemons (and believe me, the M$M gives plenty of them), I have been getting permissions to redistribute excellent blog posts, as you saw earlier this week with TomP. However, I am going to try something new: spotlighting blogs on my blogroll. I won't be doing this each week, but I will try my best to get the spotlight up at least twice a month.

Friday's spotlight: Chancelucky

Chancelucky and I have been been linking to one another's blogs for quite some time. He gets the Edwards news over here and occasionally I reveal something about myself, which I think bloggers tend to like when the blogs are solo and nongroup blogs. At CL's (as I refer to him at his site) blog, I get to read some of the best reviews on popular culture topics, as well as some good political/social commentaries.

Last night, CL put up a classic about the fuss-budgets making much ado about nothing related to one of the characters in the Harry Potter series and ties it to the inane things by Re-pugs in the Congress try to get away with. Mind you, I am not into the fantasy genre, and haven't been since Bewitched, which was a humorous show, and I tend to like animals who do great things more than wizards and dark shows such as Charmed. Barnaby Collins in Dark Shadows scared the bejeezus out of me when I watched it in the afternoons during my grade school years.

I encourage you to visit CL's blog post here. It is exquisite satire, just as good as anyone would write in the New Yorker. To whet your appetite, the title of the post is: Albus Dumbledore Tells All (a really odd Karl Rove Adventure).

You don't even have to know much about the characters in the Harry Potter series, and you will smile immediately. I was almost laughing out loud when I finished reading this succinct, delightful post. Why didn't I laugh? Well, I did a little. The smile was bigger though.


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  • Benny,
    many thanks for linking me here and for your very kind comments. You were one of the very first people, I ever met blogging way back during Cindy Sheehan in Crawford. fwiw Albus Dumbledore tells all is part of a series of some 20 Karl Rove posts which started with The Book of Judas as told by Karl Rove, the first thing I ever posted that "broke out" on the internet. They're linked at the bottom of the post.

    In the meantime, I've had a great time following your blog.

    Go John and Elizabeth!

    By Blogger Chancelucky, at 8:19 AM  

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