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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Announcing EENR Blog

Dear BW Readers,

As you know, this blog is devoted to the Edwards family and their vision of One America. However, it is under sole custody of moi and I choose the topics. I appreciate anyone who comes by and cares to leave a comment.

However, I am also part of an endeavor to make a real home for Edwardians. It is called the EENR Blog. This is the official flyer so to speak, that I am posting here and will be in other places as well.

Introducing EENR ( – a new home for Edwards Democrats, progressive activitists, and all interested in serious discussions to further a progressive populist agenda, with a side of fun of course!

Brought to you by many of the same folks (and several other familiar faces) who brought you EENR every night at Daily Kos and now the new EENR For Progress series on Sundays at DKos and Docudharma.

EENR is up and running and ready for you! We're announcing it today to all the great Edwards Democrats and progressives we've met along the way over the past year through the John Edwards 2008 run for the Presidential nomination. We want to give you the first shot at coming on over, signing up (yea! low UIDs), and getting comfortable. Later this week, we will make the Big Announcement on the major blogs.

EENR is a community blog, and we hope you will be part of that community. We've tried to set standards for discussion that reflect our desire for open communication, the search for truth, and that wonderful lesson we all learned in kindergarten, "Play Nice and Share Your Toys." There are lots of toys, too. There's a wonderful video wall, lots of diaries already there waiting for your comments, links to a mirror of the JRE campaign website, and much more. We'll have Open Threads, and special guest bloggers. And we're always open to suggestions!

EENR has a really unique feature. We have 12 subject sections located on the left hand side. This gives us twelve front pages and if you write a diary with one of the sections in your tags or use the drop down menu in creating it you can be a front pager in any section except the Home Page. ;-) Please join in creating the community discussions in all progressive areas.

EENR is a work in progress. Our resident designer, RedJet is still working on the overall look. Do expect a few changes as you join in and watch the development of the blog.

So come on by and get comfy. It's your home, your local hang-out, the coffee house where everyone knows everyone and the conversations flow.

Welcome to EENR! Come make it your own!

One final note: We want to give a very special hat tip to those in our merry band who took on extra responsibility to help build and put this blog together. They know who they are, and you'll find them if you need help, have questions, or ideas to make things better! Without their technical abilities, passion and service, the EENR blog as you see it now would never have come to be!


From the About Us section:
EENR: Who We Are

Welcome to the EENR blog, a community to provide a discussion space for progressive issues.

Our acronym, "Edwards Evolution, Next Revolution," reflects the formation of the EENR group originally as Edwards Evening News Roundup for supporters of John Edwards during the 2008 presidential primary.

We have continued as EENR because we want to continue the movement for progressive change based on the platform laid out by John Edwards, which we consider the gold standard model for progress in America. We are not affiliated in any way with John Edwards, except as supporters, but we have retained his surname in our acronym as a nod to his significant contribution to the progressive movement.

We are unapologetically progressive and populist. We welcome discussion on a range of progressive issues. We believe in bold, transformative change. We reject the notions of baby steps, moving to the center, bipartisanship, and letting corporations run our government. The current system is out of balance, rigged to favor the powerful interests, unable to hear the voices of those without power. We believe in public financing of all federal elections as a cornerstone to achieve change.

Our government and Constitution belong to the People, who should be protected more than profits. Equality and economic justice are cornerstones of the progressive movement. Universal heath care is a fundamental right, and poverty a fundamental wrong, here and globally. We believe that work should trump wealth, and that a progressive movement must include the working class, unions, and people from diverse backgrounds in all 50 states.

Before commenting on this blog, please see our Community Guidelines.

We encourage intelligent discussion of progressive issues, and substantive communication based on the exchange of ideas. We discourage attempts to define politics as a sporting or money event. Candidates should prevail on their character, honesty and the power of their ideas and plans to effectuate progressive change, not by how much money they can raise, their stature in the polls, silly gaffes, or the whims of punditry.

So please, enjoy yourselves and let the discussion begin. We plan to keep fighting until the Next Revolution becomes a reality, and you are invited to participate.

EENR blog...a real home for the supporters of John Edwards and his vision for One America. Go grab a snack and look around.

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  • I'll go check it out. I don't have a lot good to say about Ronald Reagan, but he did wait through several election cycles before his time came.
    The Edwardses (both of them) may look back one of these days and realize that this was a necessary step to working towards an America that values its regular folk.

    By Blogger Chancelucky, at 9:55 PM  

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