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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Longhorn Boots for Obama

Turns out my nephew, Z, is a Longhorn booter for Obama.

My sister broadcasted his possible interview on GMA on the e-mail with this message this morning:
Hey Everyone-
My son, is working for the Obama Campaign in Austin, where the debates are going to be on tomorrow evening. He said the town is filled with all different types of media and he feels strongly for Obama, and has recently gotten involved to support him by being a precinct manager.
He got interviewed by Good Morning America about 6pm last night, and they asked him his views on Obama. He said that they also interviewed alot of other people around the campaign and so he wasnt sure whether he would get picked to go on TV.
So we have no idea if he will be on there or not... But even if he didnt get on...
It sure did make us grin today... lets all stay tuned--
Sweet Sally
Good for for Z to be politically engaged.

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