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Monday, February 11, 2008

John Edwards Blog to go Dark Tomorrow

From the site:

Elizabeth has called blogs "the new town squares" and bloggers the "modern day pamphleteers." With that thought in mind, we hope that you will continue to blog, chat, debate and discuss the issues that are important to you, and to our country, even if it is in a different square.

To read a reaction to this from a strong supporter, Karita:

Thank you for this community.

The campaign for economic justice goes on!

I want to thank all of you have made this such a welcome and supportive place. I am so sad that our blog here is ending, but I know that we will keep the inspiration with us for a long time, and will put the mission and vision of John Edwards as standards for all politicians in the future and for our own action agendas.

I, myself, will work myself toward the ends of economic justice, campaign finance reform, media reform, election reform, Democratic Party Reform, and citizen education. I will work to make sure that John Edwards' message and messages like his will be heard in this land.

I will be happy to join Edwards oriented blogs, and I have already. But, I will sorely miss this one, my direct link to the JRE campaign and John Edwards, himself.

Karita Hummer
Edwards Democrat
SCV4Edwards One Corps Chapter

My comment on the announcement on the Blog Home Page is just below:

Like losing a home! (none / 0)

I am so saddened to lose this home. It was the direct link to the Campaign and most importantly to John Edwards.

I visited it so many times a day, just to check in, to share, to support, to sing John Edwards praises and to become informed of all he stood for.

I will miss this home terribly.

God bless you, John and Elizabeth. We love you and will always be inspired by your mission and vision.

Karita and Paul Hummer
San Jose, CA

And to add a song from the UU songbook that was played at my wedding 7 years ago: For the Earth, Forever Turning.

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