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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hill in the Hub

OK, now I am somewhat impressed with Clinton's campaign.

(photo credit: Jim Watkins, the AJ)

Our 42nd President went to Lubbock, my hometown, and spoke at Lubbock High School. According to one report, Clinton wanted to see the HS of Buddy Holly.

Well, back in yesteryear when Bill was working on becoming governor of Arkansas, I did my student teaching at Lubbock High School and taught American history to juniors. Can't say the experience was all that great, but at least I did it.

Bill went to Amarillo too.

Yesterday was my momma's birthday. She would have appreciated meeting Bill Clinton, but she feels kind of crummy these days.

This proves that Hillary is about cattle and not just the hat. "That will be the day" would fit Obama if he were to venture into Bush's backyard.

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