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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Leave It to Clinton to Decide

I read this article in the NYT about Obama backers making a pleafor Hillary Clinton to exit the race if she loses on Tuesday.

Why would she want to do that when she's got these major generals and other military leaders in her back pocket concerning national security? (mp3 link,
and article courtesy of Taylor Marsh)

Why would Clinton need to exit when even African-American progressives are questioning whether or not Obama is truly progressive?

I guess after seeing pathetic post after post about John Edwards having to endorse someone, my message is the same: do what you want, Mrs. Clinton, just as I would say to John Edwards, don't endorse if you don't want to.

I also think whoever wants to vote for Edwards, as this person at the DU intends to do and I did nearly a month ago, that's fine too.

Ridiculous and unnecessary coercion. Butt out media and Obama backers. It's none of your damn business nor your decision. If she wants to fight all the way to the convention, more power to her.

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