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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Elizabeth Edwards Receipent of National Mother's Day Award

On May 8th, Elizabeth Edwards, Caroline Kennedy, Vera Wang, and Debbie Murtha will receive recognition at the 30th Annual National Mother's Day awards.

According to the press release from today:
These are truly exceptional women who have nurtured their families, built successful careers and helped improve the lives of others, said Laurie Dowley, Chairwoman of the National Mothers Day Council. As we honor these outstanding women on Mothers Day, we will donate all proceeds of the awards luncheon to Save the Children, as part of our commitment to support meaningful philanthropies dealing with issues affecting mothers, fathers and children.

To date, the Fathers Day/Mothers Day Council has donated nearly $20 million to meaningful charities nationwide, which includes more than $3.5 million in 2007.

Good cause.

Congrats and I look forward to seeing any speeches from these very notable women, especially Elizabeth Edwards. The luncheon and awards ceremony will be held at The Pierre New York Hotel.

I believe John got a similar one last year as Father of the Year.

He still credits Elizabeth the most.

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