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Friday, May 30, 2008

Searching John McCain

Greetings BW Readers. Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been very busy blogging at the group blog, EENR Blog, in the evenings. We've had some exciting candidates come by to live blog in a town hall style in allowing us to ask questions about issues and concerns about how our government is currently run. All we have invited are very progressive and share many of John Edwards' vision of a government that is great is one that works best for all of us.

Harry Taylor, the same guy who stood up to Bush in 2005, is running in NC's 9th district against the incumbent Sue Myrick. We think Harry has an excellent chance to be the change for his state. Between Larry Kissell and Taylor, we think they will tip NC into the blue column instead of just being purple.

Scott Kleeb, Senatorial candidate for Nebraska, is live blogging tonight at EENR. You won't want to miss it. I met him briefly at Yearly Kos last year, and he is a sweetie, as well as very humble but articulate. My picture of Scott is on the FP as I type this.

We endorsed Kevin Miskell, IA-04, last night. He's definitely a JRE Democrat, and boy, is he smart on all kinds of issues, including problems in Asia, food shortages, and immigration.

Meantime, you are probably wondering, what about "Searching John McCain."

During my lunch time, I visited Open Left, and saw that Chris Bowers had a post about putting on the blogroll John McCain's crappy ideas that have been in the news . That means anytime you click on "Searching John McCain", you will be led to Bowers' post about McSame's continuation of the worst policies of this failed administration. Of course, Bowers' blog gets some change from advertisers, but I chose it because it will be static, where as the news links may not be.

So Click the link on my blogroll (to your right) "Searching John McCain", and give Open Left some change. They have set up an ActBlue page for another John Edwards Democrat, Ed Fallon, IA-03.

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