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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Endorsing Obama-Biden: The Change of Partnership

As BW readers can tell, I am effusive about the pick of Joe Biden to Obama's ticket.

I called my momma, the dyed-in-wool-Democrat, who had many doubts about Obama as I did. Especially since Obama had voted more than 130 times "present" while in the Illinois legislature and I didn't know his positions since when he ran against a wingnut carpetbagger, I didn't get to hear what his positions were on many issues . I couldn't understand why Planned Parenthood thought Obama was fine on their issues. And I still don't.

Obama is a very, very cautious politician. Too cautious to be a leader, so I thought. Until yesterday.

Joe Biden is not the best orator. I remember he had to follow JRE at the Harkin Steak Fry as the last candidate, and to be truthful, I felt sorry for him. It was 4:00 and most folks wanted to get home before dark. But he still spoke from his heart. I think Obama probably thought that was endearing.

So, Obama did go for change: someone to be his real partner, someone who could help define (besides JRE) why Washington is broken. Someone who has tried to fix it and couldn't, but decided new blood transfusion might revive our country. And Biden is the surgeon to do it.

I'm endorsing an Obama-Biden partnership for our country today. And it is the right change, if Obama sticks to his word about it (he tends to throw many under the bus). I will hold a President Obama accountable for it.

Here's a note I sent to his campaign yesterday:

Dear Senators Obama and Biden:

Yesterday was the most remarkable day in the life of a John Edwards supporter. I hold John and Elizabeth Edwards deeply in my heart as they go through some trials that will make them stronger in the long run, as Senator Obama expressed about Senator Biden in his tragedy before he was sworn into the Senate.
I ask sincerely that just because the Edwardses are in their own media ridden challenges not to lay aside the poverty and health care issues to be in front that Senator Obama promised to Senator and Mrs. Edwards. Those promises should be honored.

Senator Biden brings so many strengths to this ticket. I feel comfortable about voting for a ticket, and to me, it should sold as a partnership as Senator Obama brought up yesterday. Please do not allow Senator McCain to define a small gaffe, in which Senator Obama is accustomed to hearing from someone else "the next President of the US"; Senator Obama' excitement was about the partnership and the readiness of the team.

I just donated for the first time to this campaign, albeit is a small one and that's what I can afford. And I'm fired up, ready to go with posting any Youtubes or classic zingers that I heard and continue to hear from Senator Biden. Finally, I have belief that in addition to your healthy egos, there is a sense of purpose in getting things done for the people of America. My challenge to you is to figure out the timing of the bold changes, particularly in health care, for our citizens.

And Senators, I think both of your best advisors are "drop-healthy" gorgeous: Future First Lady Michelle Obama, and Jill Biden, the Future First Lady of Observatory Drive.

Sincerely yours,

Update: I just got this message from Joe Biden to display this video:

Fired up, ready to go for the change we want to see. Joe-bama, O-Biden. Works for me. It works for my momma, as she is now ready to support this ticket. And she is 77 years old. She knows that McCain (and his many houses) doesn't give a damn about her social security.

The pic is borrowed from Kossack AAbashier, whom I met at YK07 last year, and a good Democrat. He and Mrs. AAbashier are emergency veterinarians who rescue pets.

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  • I too thought the Biden choice was a good one. I've always been a bit curious about "Biden" the public speaker. Some people claim that he's this great speaker and every time I've heard him he's been very forgettable.

    I do think this election's going to be a fight in general, though part of that fight will be for Obama to define what he wants in specific terms, something Hillary and JRE were both better at.

    By Blogger Chancelucky, at 11:57 AM  

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