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Monday, September 01, 2008

Joe Biden Knows How to Stealth Bomb Karl Rove

From the Wall Street Journal online today:

Biden, Called a ‘Dufus,’ Turns Other Cheek

Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden proved he can walk away to fight another day.

Talking with reporters aboard his campaign plane Monday evening, Biden was told that Republican strategist Karl Rove, while at the GOP convention earlier in the day, publicly characterized him as a “big, blowhard dufus.”

Biden reacted with visible surprise. The Delaware senator, well known for relishing a good bare-knuckled political brawl, smiled and called Rove “a great American.” Then he turned and walked away.

Biden also is known to chatter, and moments later took more questions at the other end of the cabin. Asked again about Rove’s remarks, he said, “I learned a long time ago, you can call me anything you want.”

Sometimes being a stealth attack dog is better than being an ugly one. Karl, you just got "Cheney'd..politely."

(h/t to Donkeykick at Brand X)

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