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Monday, October 20, 2008

Doing the Right Thing

Today I took a break and went to participate in early voting as I will be away on Election Day to visit my ailing mom. I liked the concept of "early voting" better compared to absentee ballot that I casted last time as my vote will be counted first instead of 2 weeks later.

Surprisingly, I waited in line for nearly 15 minutes, and the actual voting took nearly 10 because we use pens to darken the ovals beside the candidates' names and the referenda.

One person was trying to be friendly as I left the building in saying hello, and while politely I replied "hello" back, I was not in an amicable mood. I was sort of lost in my thoughts about how bittersweet my vote was today. It was the second time I voted for mainly for the potential of a partnership for the ticket, meaning that I was voting for Biden to give balance to the inexperience of Obama. In 2004, I appreciated Kerry and thought he was a good choice, but my vote was mainly for Edwards to lend inspiration in doing right meaning "justice" for the working poor and to work with the Kerry administration on various issues, and make a tie-breaking vote in the Senate, if necessary.

When I got to my car, I had to tell myself that I was right not to do a write-in for John Edwards. Both John and Elizabeth Edwards would agree that we are better off with Obama-Biden in the next 4 years. When liveblogging the last Presidential debate at Newsweek, EE said about Biden (and what Obama should have said in picking Biden) , "Ready, ready, Ready."

While many of us who are Edwards supporters weren't able to achieve our overall goal of getting John Edwards to the WH, the compromise, and life is full of compromises, we are seeking to get some progressives in the WH. No, Biden and Obama are not for bold change, but with the mess that they will inherit, if they are victorious, any decent changes are progress.

It's a roll of the dice either way (meaning Obama or McCain), but I think the consequences of Obama-Biden not being in the West Wing could plunge us into further despair, debt, and further erosion of our Constitution. Most citizens (voting or not) in our country believe we are seriously on the wrong track, and I think we are too.

As McCain says, Country First. I didn't vote for Iraq first. You betcha, Palin. I voted for my Country first.

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