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Friday, October 31, 2008

Nice Thought: Rainbow Bridge

An Edwards supporter sent me a note about the Rainbow Bridge.

I'd like to think that's where Mattie is. As a UU, I don't know. I'm more into the journey than the destination, but comforting thoughts are always welcome.

While I'm at it, my condolences to Fred Baron's family. I've not mentioned him here before, but Fred was a gifted attorney of justice for the little people, just like JRE. He gave back to his friends, and in particular, JRE, in a renting a plane of his for less prices in order for JRE to conduct his campaign and stretch the dollars. I saw the plane once when I went to meet JRE in Bloomington, IL last year for a house party-fundraiser. Fred passed away yesterday in battling cancer, possibly about the same time of the passing our Mattie.

Thank you Fred Baron. You were good to many people, and especially the Democratic Party.

And thank you, Mattie. You gave more to us than we could have possibly asked. Hope you are running under that rainbow.

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