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Thursday, November 13, 2008

John Edwards on Palin: Too Inexperienced to be President

Today Karl Rove and Rove's worst nightmare John Edwards debated about George Bush's record on the economy, health care, foreign policy at the Commercial Finance Association's annual meeting in SF this morning. Clearly many differences, and I'm still trying to get more details about what they said.

But what I could find from Try-City Herald was they agreed that Palin would need a lot more honing in foreign policy and health care if she contemplates a run in 2012.

From TCH:

Edwards said Palin's inexperience was too much for John McCain's campaign to overcome.

"The problem was, over time, particularly in the vice-presidential debate ... it was fairly obvious she wasn't ready to be president, and that made people nervous," he said.

Otherwise, JRE was greeted warmly by the packed room of nearly 1000 attendees, whereas two demonstrators who called Rove a "war criminal" before being ushered out of the hall by security.

Rove claimed that's how SFranciscans say hello since a similar incident happened to him there last month.

Not so with JRE. They essentially said "welcome back."

(Picture courtesy of THC).

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