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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Diary Round-up from my Blog Roll

Since I've added to my blogroll a list of new sites (and some which I've re-treaded here), I thought I would post selective links to diaries that I think are worthy of reading.

  • At the Daily Kos, former JRE supporter Ellinorianne has posted Talking to Kids about Poverty. It's more on how to explain to kids what is needed in times when children are getting blitzed by marketers. Also at DK NYCEve has posed a provocative diary on Health Insurance companies possibly rationing health care based on credit scores and ability to pay.
  • Taylor Marsh has announced she and Mr. Marsh are moving from Las Vegas to DC this winter. Not surprised as she hinted at it a few months ago and the East Coast is a political bloggers haven if they want to get closer to the action.
  • At Orient-Lodge, Aldon Hynes pens a review of the 2008 Social Networks and Media. Likewise, Robert Scoble points out that you have to use Twitter and Friend Feed to see who else is linking to your site or talking about you.
  • Former JRE supporter Desmoinesdem at Bleedingheartland has an excellent review of 2008 politics in Iowa, including her predictions from the different months. Her impressive number of links may set a record --or even a standard---amongst political bloggers.
  • Based on a recent Pew Poll, Pam Spaulding ponders about what she can do without (a luxury) and what she can't. I tend to agree with her list of "can't do without." Check it out.
  • Johnalive at Open Left republished a primer by Laurence of Cyberia on Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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