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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Higher Ground Mr. President Obama

This was my favorite song at the concert the other day--a Stevie Wonder tune. It represents I think what many of us feel--Keep on Trying Until We Reach the Highest Ground.

This is truly a remarkable day for a great celebration. Personally, I don't expect much out of Obama except to do the right things (meaning honor his commitment to Main Street--and do so in an ethical manner) He is likely to be a "down payment" administrator his first year, meaning he can throw only small pots of money at the different initatives since we in such a financial mess and the deficit is mounting each day.

What I do expect President Obama to do is to serve as a role model for the generation after me as they are our future. The greatest failure of George Bush's 8 years in the WH (and consequently the GOP), he did little to inspire the younger folks. Instead, he sent them needlessly into harm's way, without a clear strategy or vision. He did not take care of their parents when Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. What a disaster.

I do think more people will get involved in their communities, just JRE was able to recruit 700 students across the country to help clean up St. Bernard's Parish. I'm hoping JRE will rekindle that spirit, and also to work on issues of poverty, as I suspect that issue is too big for Obama to tackle at present.

My prayers go out to President Obama today as we begin the long and difficult road back to American renewal--and keep on reaching toward the highest ground.

AT LAST! Change in the White House!

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