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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Thank You, Dr. George Tiller and Eric Holder

A few minutes ago, I went to to read about the preparations for George Tiller's funeral. I've been very concerned for the family that a bunch of wingnuts would show up and try to disrupt the funeral service or block people for paying their respects. One wingnut is there already, but he is not protesting Dr. Tiller's life as much as he is supporting Operation Rescue and the fundies.

Fortunately, the US Marshals are there, along with the Wichita Police for security. The funeral service is at 10am. The American Legion came to honor Dr. Tiller's service in the military. Seems fitting given it is D-Day's 65th anniversary.

I will give an update later when I find more news, but for now, may the service go well. He's earned his final rest, and his family deserves to honor his memory. According to, Wendy Anderson, spokeswoman for Tiller family, just distributed written copies of this statement:
"Family, friends and colleagues have come together to celebrate the life of a devoted humanitarian and loving father, grandfather and husband, George R. Tiller, M.D. People are here today from across the country to celebrate and honor the life of a man who wholeheartedly dedicated his life to kindness, courtesy, justice, love and respect."
I'm praying for peace and for Dr. Tiller's family. It's horrible what they went through, all for women's health services.

Thank you Eric Holder, our national AG, for providing more security requested by the family.

Update: NOW has 25 women standing strong for the family in front of the Church. (photo courtesy of

My note in the virtual guestbook for the family:

May Dr. Tiller's family find peace and strength during a time of shadows. You can be proud of Dr. Tiller's accomplishments, especially as a family man. You knew his passion for saving women's lives. You knew him as a person of faith. I wish you well as you go through your grief for his loss. Indeed, we are all saddened by his loss, but yours is more than ours. You knew him better than nearly all of us.

And for Dr. Tiller also, Mahler's #2, Resurrection, last movement:

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