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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Soap Opera Media

Geez, is this the best investigative journalism we can get? National Enquirer types who are attempting to get prizes for exposing a personal affair?

When it is pornographic intent from a rejected lover to trap someone (male or female) (unless there is evidence of physical harm) and another issue when sexual or other abuses are done to youth under the age of 17? There is quite a bit of difference.

How one one get a tape of such evidence if there wasn't a plotting to trap someone like John Edwards (vis a vie possibly Young and the Gold Dust Woman) for extortion? I don't have evidence, I just watch Law and Order. I'm glad I was not and still not privy to any of this tabloid journalism. Just a volunteer and an observer.

No one can wait for history, I guess. History was 5 minutes ago if one is a wantabe as a celebrity.

My sympathy goes out to Elizabeth and to John (to a certain extent, but he really got himself into a mess--and my concern is without further counseling, he will continue on this path) , but no sympathy towards the Gold Dust woman. I do feel for Quinn, who is the most victimized due to two very self-absorbed unmarried parents, especially her lazy mother who was a party person with malice. A gold buddha indeed about the child. How sad.

But what happened to health care? Jobs? Economy?

Guess the Gold Dust woman doesn't care about those things at all. No wonder EE is unhappy, and the children are in tabloids' harms ways.


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  • John Edwards contributed to the circus atmosphere by lying for years. Granted part of those lies were meant for his wife and her children and part for the public. Now he's lost his wife (and probably some of the love and respect of her children) as well as his reputation and any career.

    He has no one else to blame. He does need to stop appearing before the cameras. This article about Haiti notes:
    McGreevy said he saw a doctor who was not allowed to perform a surgery because pictures were being taken of former presidential candidate John Edwards handing out bottles of water.
    That isn't helping but hurting those people worse. Either stop the publicity or don't go!

    It also doesn't help Edwards when his friends are quoted as in this article saying:
    Michael Cucchiara, a confidant of John Edwards, tells PEOPLE, “John feels like, ‘I can’t live with you checking my cell phone, asking who I was with, where I went. That’s not how I want to live the rest of my life.’ I think they realized she still doesn’t trust him and therefore they shouldn’t live together until she can.”
    Of course she doesn't trust him. After years of lies and deceit, why would anyone?

    As for Young and Hunter, both are questionable to say the least. Young supposedly says he has notes, voicemails, etc. to prove his claims even though some of them would be before the affair was revealed. The story about finding a mangled videotape and repairing it to find the sex tape is weird since tape is rarely used especially by a "professional" and fixing it would be difficult if not impossible. It looks a bit like Young was setting himself up to make sure he had leverage to keep the big money coming his way.

    Hunter is disgusting, too. The book says she told Edwards she wasn't able to get pregnant. (He was stupid to fall for that line.) She looks like she was putting herself in line for endless money, too. It doesn't look like she's finished selling stories yet. (How does a mother let a child less than 2 get tooth decay so bad it costs 5 grand? Hasn't Hunter heard of a toothbrush?)

    Maybe it's the beginning of the end of the tabloid coverage. I wish Elizabeth and her children well in getting through this mess and finding a peaceful life filled with happiness. The rest of them can go to hell but I'll settle for them just going away. Their 15 minutes of shame are up.

    By Blogger JeanLouise, at 3:45 PM  

  • "Soap Opera Media?" You are delusional! JOHN EDWARDS IS A LYING, CHEATING ASS! He did this to himself. If it wasn't Hunter, it would've been someone else. Stop blaming the woman!

    Just because he gave you a few seconds of his time, like he did thousands of other hangers-on, doesn't mean you were special and it certainly doesn't mean he's a nice guy. He just wanted your vote! Period.

    Get a grip! He USED you! Perhaps you need psychological counseling to deal with the REALITY of this situation. You need to get real and move on! Your continued denial will destroy you.

    Don't be such a shmuck! You are smarter than this...surely.

    By Blogger AllyOop, at 4:34 PM  

  • And now this: Former presidential candidate John Edwards said Wednesday he still cares deeply about his wife despite the couple's separation. "It is an extraordinarily sad moment, but I love my children more than anything and still care deeply about Elizabeth," Edwards said in a statement to The Associated Press.
    Oh yeah, he loves his children so much that he put the 3 older children through hell and denied his youngest child so she has hell to come. He cares for Elizabeth so much he treated her like garbage for years!

    After all the lies, no one believes a word this guy says. The truth is that he loves himself and no one else. (He needs serious therapy.) When is this idiot going to learn to shut the f@#% up? Does he truly not realize he's toast and most people think the world would be a better place if he disappeared?

    By Blogger JeanLouise, at 4:42 PM  

  • Hello, all. I still think JRE's ideas for a better government were right. I stand by that.

    I do feel badly for Elizabeth and mainly the children. I'm sorry to see the Gold Dust woman having no discretion in telling the National Enquirer (via a relative) everything, and surely she has income. She's hiding a lot of financial information and retained a good lawyer to do so.

    And I agree, a toothbrush and toothpaste with floride does wonders for tooth decay, but I can see how the self absorbed parent who is too busy looking for entertainment funds would let it get out of hand, and in NJ, it could cost up to a few thousands to fix the dental problem for a small child. My mother was a very busy woman compared to this person, but she ensured I brushed, drank the tap water which had floride, and I only visited the dentist twice between the ages of 1-18. I needed a dentist more often after that.

    By Blogger benny06, at 4:58 AM  

  • WTF? You only visited the dentist TWICE between the ages 1 and 18? Can you say CHILD ABUSE?

    You really should consider quitting your blog. Your comments and desparation to hang onto John Edwards and his canned ideas are very disturbing. He didn't give a damn about poverty, etc. He was play acting to get votes!

    It's mind-numbing how your thoughts are randomly spewed and so incoherent. It's as if you sometimes speak in tongues. Entertainment Funds? NJ? Gold Dust Woman?

    You have somehow projected yourself into John and Elizabeth Edwards' lives. Afterall, you've dedicated your blog to them. Do you think they actually are reading it now? In the midst of all their garbage? Do you think you are the calm in the midst of their storm? Do you think YOU are the voice of reason?

    You come across only as a very desperate hanger-on. These people USED you. They used E V E R Y O N E! It contintues today for those who allow it. It will continue tomorrow for you if you don't get a grip.

    Indeed, Ms. Hunter is strange and low class, but she is not YOUR enemy. She will not hurt YOU. Ms. Hunter has never pretended to be anything other than what she is. John and Elizabeth Edwards HAVE...every day because every vote counted.

    Ms. Hunter is not speaking out. The Edwardses and the smarmy Andrew Young ARE. They all have an agenda. Ms. Hunter merely has a baby and a former lover who was stupid enough to f*ck the wrong woman, and is going to pay for it until his dying day...and defintely beyond.

    I doubt very much that Ms. Hunter held your good beloved John Edwards down and pushed his penis inside her until a baby was made. I would venture to guess he enjoyed it just as much as she did. Probably more because he is a stupid man, after all. Not that I know this for a fact, as you claim to know so many, many things about this sordid situation, but that's typically how it works with sex. You HAVE had sex, haven't you?

    John Edwards is scum of the Earth. Elizabeth played along. She, in her maternal way, ENABLED HIM. They both played YOU. They do not care about you. Do yourself a favor and stop caring about them.

    If you cannot, please, please, please seek counseling.

    Why not start a blog about books or movies. They're just as fictitious as John Edwards, but they won't make you look like a fool or write like a fool or act like a fool.

    By Blogger AllyOop, at 9:33 AM  

  • It is obvious by all the comments that some of you have little if any knowledge regarding mid-life crisis or, male menopause. Out of ten couples my husband and I knew, 9 went through this, after being married for twenty five years or more. All separated, some even divorced after having an affair, multiple affairs, or even fathering a child during an illicit affairs. All of these couples eventually reconciled. Every one! When we asked the men what happened, why it happened, they all said the same thing: "I don't know, I must of been out of my head, I loved my wife and my children." These were men of all walks of life and economic standing...none had an ulterior motive or a public reason to mend their images. Unfortunately, I don't think John and Elizabeth have a prayer to mend their marriage, the spotlight on them and those who air the private lives for personal gain have made it impossible for them to have any healing.

    Who had the most to gain from all of this? Hunter and Yung. They've milked it for all it is worth. I knew that Hunter had no class, when she made the statement: "His wife is holding him back from reaching his full potential". This of a woman who was out campaning while fighting cancer.

    Now, that said, I am disappointed in John Edwards. Not only his family, but millions were counting on him and after he dropped out, it is his agenda on the issues that both Clinton and Obama picked up for the rest of the campaign. In fact, it was John that had "Change Begins Today!" on his campaign bus, way before Obama decided to run and then, he came out with "Hope", but switched to "Change", after Edwards dropped out. Whether he was just mid-life crisis crazed or a country boy that got city slickered, he should have known better. Still, everyone makes mistakes, and unless they kill someone, they shouldn't have to pay for it all their lives. Why do we overwhelmingly blame Hunter? Because most of us know how coniving women can be, when they want what you have and are determined to take it. Even if he were weak and the one doing all the approaching, she should have put herself in the wife's place and walked away. But, that is something we've lost, as women, that respect for someone else's home and that another womans's husband is off limits....we women have become our own worst enemies.

    Now, when it comes to class, let's just say....all of these comments would be more intellectually acceptable, without the insults and profanity.

    By Blogger sandieg, at 1:56 PM  

  • If there is one thing that I will not tolerate and that is pointing fingers at my late and beloved Mother who had to work two jobs to make ends meet for many years when I was young. Despite what anyone says, I do think Edwards was interested in my family story or else he wouldn't have bothered to see me one on one, especially with an aide present to listen.

    I might add that instead of urging me to get rid of this blog or its purpose, there are plenty of other conservative blogs to visit, among them or one can comment at the Huffington Post, which is a bit socially conservative.

    By Blogger benny06, at 2:15 PM  

  • I believe you have mentioned here that your mother was mentally ill. I am sure you know all to well how this can manifest in the next generation as well. While you seem very protective of your mother, I think you bear deep feelings of hatred and neglect due to the care you receieved as a child. If not, you would never have mentioned the fact that you only saw a dentist twice by the age of 18 in such a public forum. That is something that is just not discussed in polite company. It speaks ill of your mother, whether you mean to or not.

    That said, I urge you to seek counseling for the delusions you have about Mr. and Mrs. Edwards. I have great empathy for you and your family situation, but you need to break the cycle of delusion and you CAN do it.

    Your comments about Ms. Hunter only serve to illuminate your jealousy and rage at her initmate relationship with John Edwards. You wish it was you instead of her.

    John Edwards had an aide present when he met with you most likely because he was uncomfortable being alone with a fan. This is common practice with politicians and they are well-rehearsed at how to handle this type of situation delicately. Mostly, he needed a witness.

    I'm sure it was a very uncomfortable for all concerned, but it looks good to constituents, supporters, etc. It leads them to believe the politician actually cares and really is listening. Most times, it's taken with the proverbial grain of salt, I'm sad to say. It's no different for Republicans or Democrats or Independents. They all operate the same way. It's a practice as old as time.

    While your defense of Edwards may be charming to some, it is alarming as well. Most rats have jumped ship by now. It is time for you to swim ashore with the rest.

    This mess can't be fixed. The good times can't be re-born. It is time to give it a proper burial and move on.

    Life DOES go on. So should you.

    Please stop hanging onto the past. Move toward the light and the love that tomorrow promises. It is out there just waiting for you to claim it.

    Even his long-suffering, enabling wife has given up on him. Go toward that same light! Save yourself.

    I hate what this man has done to some of his weaker, more soft-hearted followers. It's absolutely cruel and inhuman.

    Idol/hero worship never does anyone any good. Ever. Surely, there's someone in whom you can confide your feelings of abandonment, not just by John Edwards, but others in your life.

    Sometimes life has a way of repeating itself. No one wants that to happen.

    By Blogger AllyOop, at 4:39 PM  

  • allyoop, my favorite troll--I will answer you on your comment.

    I like Carl Rogers's view. Do you?

    Otherwise, I am not a true Freudian. I don't express any feelings (and especially as you suggest malice and hate) towards my mother through JRE and EE.

    I'm not a licensed psychologist otherwise, nor do I pretend to be.

    Goes back to ideals: I think JRE/EE's policies were on target. Too bad our Dems in gov't consider JRE's ideas are not worthy since he had this sex scandal. I still think his ideas could have moved the country forward instead of the mess we're in. So, in that light, instead of just name calling, what ARE your suggestions to make us a better place since you don't have a blog and you troll progressive ones.

    By Blogger benny06, at 4:50 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger rielle69, at 5:20 PM  

  • *shakes head* I can't believe AllyOop would fire back again after you first told him he'd crossed a line, Benny. Dedicated troll indeed.

    JeanLouise: Some of the links I found on the People site are misleading. For example, one of them said "Former aide: Edwards discussed leaving wife". I clicked it, and while there were some quotes from Young there, there was nothing about him discussing JRE leaving his wife. There was mention at the beginning of the separation itself-- what did this link do, mishmash the two facts together to come out with a headline that isn't even right?

    Sandieg-- "holding him back from reaching his full potential"... sounds like my hunch might be correct: RH played life coach to him. Life coaching is unregulated and literally anyone who calls themselves so, can claim to be one. In the hands of the wrong person-- particularly a manipulative person like RH-- such tinkering with other people's mind and emotions can be very dangerous.
    JRE wouldn't be the first person to undergo a drastic personality change after discovering self-help. Here's another one, and another. And an aspirational man like him would have been the perfect mark, too.

    The only thing I want to know from the interview and book is, what the hell happened to JRE's mind? Sounds like something a lot more powerful than sex, even more powerful than ego appeals, to make him lose it like that and change so rapidly. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with a person who suddenly acts as if nothing in his life mattered up till then. It's one of the main reasons I pointed to sociopathy in RH, and a toxic personal-growth regimen, as possible answers.

    The implications, for me, are scary: that you can have years of a loving relationship, weather some of the toughest storms; and your partner can still go off the deep end and become somebody unrecognizable.

    By Blogger Frances, at 1:28 AM  

  • Benny, don't stop your adoration of John. It's extremely entertaining.

    I also quite enjoy the psycho-analysis that I get here. Gasp! There must be a reason someone as wonderful as John Edwards did this! He had ideas! He had a message! Gold Dust woman made him do it!

    John Edwards wasn't the man you thought he was. But please, blame others. It's so much easier than admitting that you've been wasting your time for several years dreaming of something that wasn't even real.

    By Blogger rielle69, at 3:14 AM  

  • r69:

    Gold Dust! Is that you?

    If not, I wouldn't use that username if I were you. That name will soon be even more loathed than the name of John Edwards. Even "Latrina Toilette" would be an improvement. Srsly.

    By Blogger Frances, at 6:18 AM  

  • I think it's safe to say we're WAY, WAY past a mid-life crises with good old John Edwards! This guy would mess up a wet dream. Carl Roger's is laughing from up in the heavens over this what. Humanistic, indeed!

    By Blogger AllyOop, at 1:26 PM  

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