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Saturday, January 01, 2011

It's a New Year

Hello BW readers--it's 2011.

A time to start fresh or even just little starts.

Last year, I lost at least one size in jeans. 55 Lbs since August 2009. Not too shabby. This year, I hope to start toning up my muscles and still retain my tan. Helps to be with Mr. Benny in Florida and bask in the sun when the weather is pretty.

Speaking of Florida, where I am right now, Mr. Benny and I went to Key West and enjoyed the atmosphere although the food was not quite as good as I rememembered it from 20 years ago. But we also went to the Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach earlier in the week, and it was a very fine museum. Not overwhelming and one can see most of it in a couple of hours.

During this holiday week, I have seen two new movies: The King's Speech and the remake of True Grit. I recommend both, but I wouldn't give either one quite 4 stars. The King's Speech is well done for a historical piece, but it was very slow at times and I almost fell asleep; True Grit-- I still miss the Duke, but Halie Steinfeld was better and more age appropriate for the role of Mattie Ross. All of the characters were a bit more edgy in this version.

We said good-bye to many people last year. One of them was my best friend's husband, who tragically took his own life on Wednesday morning. They were married for 20 years. I admire my girlfriend for not being bitter considering the financial mess he left the family in.

We also said good bye to Dennis Hopper, Leslie Nielsen, Tony Curtis, Alfie Kahn (economic advisor to Jimmy Carter), Tom Bosley, Rue McClanahan, Barbara Billingsley, Richard Holbrooke (political negotiator extraordinaire), Jill Clayburgh, Dixie Carter, Patricia Neal, Lynn Redgrave (one of the most bold actresses), John Forsythe, Lena Horne, and of course, our lady Elizabeth Edwards.

I also said good-bye to my long time companion, my cat, Elmora.

Wishes for the year: that I can get my house in better shape this spring and start thinking about downsizing into a smaller place. Many changes will be happening in my work place, and I hope that I can accept them with some control involved. I also hope to continue deepening my friendships in Illinois. I would like to get out to Montana this summer and visit my fellow blogger Feral Cat of Freedom. And of course, I still hope to see Mr. Benny about every 40 days if possible. This year marks our 10th anniversary in March.

As this is not an election year, I don't anticipate blogging very much about politics. Certainly if I feel strongly about something that the Congress has done (stupidly), then I might feel inclined to make a blog post here and there. I'll be watching Alan Grayson to see what portends for him if he decides to continue to be in the public service eye. I recommend though if you wish to keep up with national progressive politics to either visit the Daily Kos, Firedoglake, or Taylor Marsh--or watch MSNBC in the evenings, Daily Show, Colbert Report or Bill Maher's Real Time.

To BW readers, I wish you all a good New Year, and may you accomplish many good things.

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