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Monday, February 21, 2005

Democrats Cautioned on Faith?

By Audrey Hudson

Democrats who invoke God's name on the campaign trail will be seen as politicians pandering for votes, says failed vice presidential candidate John Edwards. The North Carolina Democrat said he wanted more opportunities to discuss his relationship with God while campaigning with presidential running mate Sen. John Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat. "It's everything to me," Mr. Edwards said of his faith and family yesterday on ABC's "This Week." Faith and values ranked as the number one reason among voters in the Nov. 2 election for voting Republican. But as the Democratic Party embarks on an new identity search, he warned that God talk is not the solution.

"I don't believe the answer for us going forward is to invoke the Lord's name 55 times in a speech. First of all, I think it looks political. It looks like you're just moving around for politics' sake. I think people want to know who you are and what you're made of," Mr. Edwards said.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking

More excerpts about yesterday's interview of JRE, from Faux News, just to prove that this blog is fair and balanced, and yet other quotes are found here (LA Times via Yahoo News).

For once, the WT, a very conservative newspaper, printed excerpts of the interview on "This Week" yesterday. To JRE, I agree with you. Faith is something within, and should not be bandied about or one does appear disingenuous.


  • Edwards was very good.... I only wish I had seen the entire interview.

    By Blogger ANIMAL, at 6:05 PM  

  • Hi Benny,

    I just saw your post on the Edwards Site. I am FreakyCat, FC on the new Edwards One America discussion board. I was involved on the Edwards Site during the Primaries, all the way up to after the election.

    I liked your blog so much I started my own, on Blog spots. I have my own tripod webmaster site, but I wanted to try this. my regular site is:

    visit me sometime there and leave a post.

    I love your blog. I gather you are close with John Edwards. That is nice. I supported him as much as I could during the primary and have a lot of faith in the man.

    I like what John said about not wanting to seem like he was flaunting his religion or pretending for political reasons, but it really bothers me that the Republicans try to form a monopoly on Christianity. I do not see anything Christian in their platform, and think the Religious Right is a total sham. Those people are deceived, but you can't tell them anything. John is probably right on that.

    I would really like to Reclaim Christianity from those Republicans, and clean up the name Christian once and for all. The alliance of Right Wing Politics and Christianity is poison. It kills the spirit.

    I think if a Christian had true discernment, like a Christian should. They would see, as I do, that John Edwards is a powerful man of God. I see him as a sort of deliverer, and therefore, I believe that eventually he will be able to fulfil his mission. I really feel that God has called him to help the American People at this time, and I know that he is sincere. Needless to say I see Bush as the exact opposite, and I don't understand why real Christians cannot see through this.

    I really appreciate all that John Edwards has done to help the American People, and all he is trying to do. I guess I sound a little dramatic about this, but it is because I see the seriousness, of the Damage done by G.W. as an attempted murder of the American middle and lower class. I see his war as nothing but killing us off for his own gain, and because there are too many of us. He is a cruel and heartless leader, and it really bothers me that he is selling himself as a Christian. I know that John Edwards is really a Christian, but like so many of us, he feels that the immage of Christianity is so steriotyped against what a Christian really is, he hates to claim it. I often catch myself explaining that I am a Christian, but I am horrified by the Religous Right, and want no part of them.

    Anyway I don't know what we should do exactly but we must reclaim Christianity from the Religious Right once and for all. I say we need to start a religious movement like the Jesus Movement of the 60's. I was part of that and we need that same kind of movement again.


    By Blogger FreakyCat, at 6:15 PM  

  • FC, I will visit your blog sometime too. To answer your question, unlike some on the OAC, I haven't spent as much time with him. Whenever you meet him at an event, everyone wants to talk with him--one reason why he often was late in arrivals. (smile) But I have spent a lot of time watching him on tv, reading articles, read Four Trials, and yes, when I have met him, I felt he was "the real deal" to borrow a phrase from the campaign.

    Please free to come back and post.

    Hi Animal! Thanks for posting. I put a link to the transcript of the show, but OAC and JREG have it too. ..blossoms...Benny

    By Blogger benny06, at 8:43 AM  

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