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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Visible Pink Prayers

This morning I was reading the News-Observer, which is the Triangle area newspaper in North Carolina. I peruse it at least once a week to see what's happening there. The main reason is that I'm looking for tidbits on the Edwards family, especially since they will be moving back to the area in June.

While there was no recent news on JRE or Elizabeth, a picture caught my attention. The caption read, "United for Yow." Apparently, Kay Yow, coach of the NCSU women's basketball team has breast cancer again and it was a surprise to many as they thought she would continue in remission.

The big rival game between NCSU and UNC-Chapel Hill was last night. Some corporate sponsor gave away 4000 pink wristbands to the fans on both sides as they came in to the sports arena. All of the UNC-CH women wore pink ribbons on their shorts; the NCSU players wore pink shoelaces in their right shoe. As the picture shows, many of the fans wore pink shirts.

Unfortunately for NCSU, UNC-Chapel hill won, but I just thought the event was wonderful in spirit. JRE and Elizabeth Edwards might find it heartening since she is afflicted with breast cancer herself that thousands of fans for either team came together, wearing visible pink prayers for Coach Yow.

Elizabeth has been sent a book of prayers that many of us signed on a site called Prayers for Elizabeth. The book contains what's on the site, plus pictures of her and her family. That's our visible pink prayer for her.


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