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Friday, March 18, 2005

JRE in SF at the Bar Association Luncheon, St. Patty's Day

From Sirus (who was at the event) and posted the following on JREG:

"I just saw John Edwards speak at a luncheon sponsored by the Bar Association of San Francisco. Nice event. Same (very eloquent) speech that he gave in New Hampshire a while ago and since then, pretty much. But, I hope we can get a transcript because he did answer some questions afterwards. I liked his answers to the questions and it was interesting and informal to have him answer some of the questions in a more spontaneous way.

It was nice to see him again and I got to shake his hand and talk to him later and tell him I'm glad he's doing the work on poverty at UNC. I think I felt a little bit sad at the event, though. Sad that he's not in the White House. Sad that we have to wait for 4 more years to have a chance to get him as our President
. "

JRE is doing a podcast next week sometime. I had one question for him, but then I realized it was too complicated for him to answer, nor did I e-mail it to him in the right place. :-) I'm still reading an interesting article from the NYU Review of Law and Social Change. I think it has to do with reframing issues about poverty, but from a philosophical view, which is perhaps what I think JRE and the rest of us need to think about.


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