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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hybrid Cars: Good Alternative for Motoring

Democracy Now webcasted a segment today entitled: "Hybrid Cars: How Alternative Technologies Are Shaping the Future of Car Travel." I thought this was interesting since DH and I are in the 2nd year of making payments on a Toyta Prius 2004.


We turn to the future of fossil fuel-based transportation in the United States. Gasoline prices continue to hit record highs this week, reaching above $2.60 per gallon and $65 a barrel. According to the Washington Post, last week saw the biggest one-week jump in the average price of a gallon of gas since the Energy Department began compiling the data 15 years ago. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed new fuel efficiency standards on Tuesday. The updated standards would change the way compliance is measured starting with some SUVs and trucks built in 2008. So-called light trucks would be required to increase their fuel efficiency by 1.8 miles per gallon over four years.

Read the rush transcript here.

Here's my little "Jenny"
.Viva le hybrid! To know more about the Prius, click here. This guy has put up a manual, logged his mileage, and gives the best tips for operating the car to maximize its benefits.


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