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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Nominee Is Pressed on Her Abortion Views

See the NYT report here.

And moreover, also from the NYT:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 - By Monday, even the staunchest allies of the Bush administration could no longer deny that the nomination of Harriet E. Miers to the Supreme Court was in deep, deep trouble.

The conservative rebellion had not subsided. Her individual courtesy calls to senators had failed to quiet the doubts about her constitutional expertise. Her performance in rehearsals for her confirmation hearings worried some White House officials. And Republican senators were agitating for documents from her work in the White House.

On Tuesday, Senator Jeff Sessions, the Alabama Republican who is a conservative stalwart on the Senate Judiciary Committee, vented his concerns in a conversation with former Senator Daniel R. Coats of Indiana, who was escorting Ms. Miers through her meetings with senators.

"I was uneasy about it, and I just explained my unease," Mr. Sessions said. "I shared with Dan my observations, the good and the bad. I think the American people at this point in time would desire a person who is steeped in constitutional jurisprudence, particularly the people who supported President Bush."

With support slipping on Capitol Hill and the White House preoccupied with an array of problems like Iraq and the C.I.A. leak case, the endgame had begun.

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