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Friday, November 18, 2005

Kerry Fights Back for John Murtha

I received an e-mail from John Kerry this afternoon, which read:

Dear Benny,

This is our moment of truth. You and I have to make it absolutely clear that we won't stand for Republican "Swift Boat" style attacks on Jack Murtha.

Yesterday, an extraordinary congressman, former Marine Drill Sergeant and decorated Vietnam veteran, spoke out on the war in Iraq. He didn't come to that moment lightly. He spoke his mind and spoke his heart out of love for his country and support for our troops. No sooner had the words left his lips than the vicious assault on his character and patriotism began.

Today, in a statement on the Senate floor, in interviews with the national media, and in this message to you, I am seeking out every opportunity to defend a brave American hero that the Republican attack machine has set their sights on.

I urge you to do the same. Whether you agree or disagree with Jack Murtha is irrelevant. These despicable attacks on Jack Murtha's patriotism and courage must be met with an enormous public outcry. Call your local talk radio show, write a letter to the editor, phone your members of Congress - join me in acting now to reject these "Swift Boat" style attacks on Jack Murtha.

It disgusts me that a bunch of guys who have never put on the uniform of their country have aimed their venom at a marine who served America heroically in Vietnam and has been serving heroically in Congress ever since. No matter what J.D. Hayworth says, there is no sterner stuff than the backbone and courage that defines Jack Murtha's character and conscience.

Dennis Hastert -- the Speaker of the House who never served -- accused Jack Murtha of being a coward. Well let me tell you, Jack Murtha wasn't a coward when he put himself in harm's way for his country in Vietnam and earned two purple hearts -- he was a patriot then, and he is a patriot today. Jack Murtha's courage in combat earned him a Bronze Star, and his voice should be heard, not silenced by those who still today cut and run from the truth.

Instead of letting his cronies run their mouths, the President for once should stop his allies from doing to Jack Murtha what he set them loose to do to John McCain in South Carolina and Max Cleland in Georgia.

The President should finally find the courage to debate the real issue instead of destroying anyone who speaks truth to power as they see it. It's time for Americans to stand up, fight back, and make it clear it's unacceptable to do this to any leader of any party anywhere in our country.

I urge you to join today in a massive public outcry that rejects the attempt to demonize and destroy anyone who dares to disagree with George W. Bush's aimless "stay for as long as it takes" policy on Iraq.

Please act now. Call and email your elected officials. Flood talk radio with calls rejecting these vicious smear tactics. Send a letter to the editor. Express your outrage about the tired old Rovian "Swift Boat" style attacks on Jack Murtha.


John Kerry


Senator, I wish you would have fought back like this a year ago, including whether or not the election was truly in question in Ohio. However, it's good to see you getting out there and fighting for Rep Murtha. His name is being smeared with pig excrement by Scott McLellan and the WH. This man is no Michael Moore, and he's certainly not left either. He's a centrist. More important, dissent is what makes our democracy healthy and this kind of slander would have had McLellan thrown out of a job or out of a university.

Hang in there, Rep Murtha. Thanks, Senator Kerry for sticking up for what's right.


  • Benny,
    I agree about Kerry. He should have turned his campaign boat around and gone straight at them, the way he did thirty five years ago. One of the odd things is that, Kerry strikes me as the sort of person who would do that to save someone else, but not necessarily himself. (for all his other shortcomings as a candidate, actual patriotism was never one of them)

    By Blogger Chancelucky, at 6:05 PM  

  • Good Point! The Swifties said he only did things for brownie points, and this is proof that he didn't do that for political points either.

    By Blogger benny06, at 8:11 PM  

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