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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wonkette is Wonked Out

I think Wonkette and her writers need a vacation, or find more Republican controlled investors, such as News Corp to support her blog, Wonkette. Wonkette's blog was so nasty to John Edwards recently for admitting he made a big mistake. Instead of just acknowledgement, Eric P on Wonkette tried kicking out JRE's teeth by making satire or sarcasm out of JRE's looks.

Hello, is it a crime to be attractive, smart, thoughtful, feeling, male, and being 52 all at once? Eric, perhaps you realize that may not be your fate, so instead, you turn vicious. I don't care if you are of either party; what you posted with his picture is in violation of JRE's rights when he was getting ready for a TV appearance; sorry you didn't show him with his reading glasses on to prepared. I've seen that before on the web and mentioned that site in passing, but didn't post a link because I thought it may have been in violation of his privacy.

You focused on his appearance and not on his message. Guess you are vacuous. Sorry for you.

Never mind he was asked to be the closing keynote speaker in India today on "Building a Better Future", then on to the UAE whereby he and Bill Clinton are the only US political leaders asked to speak on opportunities.

I'm not even posting that link to Wonkette because her blog needs a rest from in order not to "bitch us up". Get a grip, Wonkette. Pick on someone your own size...a little smaller, perhaps.


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