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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chasing Inspiration

The cyclist in the photo is someone whom I admire very much. Is it??..

1) Lance Armstrong
2) JRE
3) JRZ

In case you are recognizing that it is not choice number one or two; it is number three. However, JRZ gets out and bikes whenever possible. This pic was taken outside of the house yesterday when it got up to 45 deg...a balmy day for those of us who live in Central Illinois.

JRZ's bike mileage in 2005 (and it hasn't ended yet, folks) : 3050+...cha-ching

Look on his face...priceless.

My reaction...Inspiration 2.

OK, JRZ can't run everyday like JRE but he can bike! JRZ is thinking about the Cherohala challenge on June 17th, 2006.

Lance, I know you gave up bike races, but I wish you would return to the Smokies and bike a ways with those folks that you inspired.

Feel like we are chasing the wind in general.

And then there is Emma Claire and little Jack. :-) We recognize the dad in the blue sweater, I think, who also inspires not just them, but a lot of us.


  • One of the great experiences of my life was riding my bicycle from Los Angeles to New York in the summer of 1987 (3050 miles or so) for a group called Bike Aid.

    Since that time, I've believed that anyone who loves to ride a bicycle can't be all bad, that was until I discovered that GWB does the mountain bike thing once even with Lance Armstrong around Crawford.

    I tend to believe that GWB is an aberration in the biking world or that may someday be the path to his salvation, if such is ever possible for him.

    three thousand miles is a lot of pedal strokes. Good for JRZ.

    By Blogger Chancelucky, at 10:44 PM  

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